At Groupe Synergos, we understand that problems, needs and constraints are unique to each organization.  This is why we propose a team and an approach adapted to your reality, so that we can work with you to develop custom business solutions and ensure your satisfaction.

Whether you are looking to start a new business or have an established business needing to address a particular problem, Groupe Synergos is there for you.

Our areas of expertise currently include :

  • marketing (local businesses, internet, attraction, affiliate, video and multi-media, social media)
  • search optimization
  • business development
  • project management
  • procurement (global sourcing, strategic procurement, process optimization, outsourcing)
  • organizational development (competency analysis, succession planning)
  • facilitation and coaching
  • operational excellence (Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, modelling and decision theory)
  • direct response advertising copywriting
  •  translation (english, french)

If you don’t see an area suiting your needs here, contact us and it will be our pleasure to find the resource with the experience you need!

When we don’t have the required in-house expertise, Groupe Synergos relies on our list of pre-qualified independant consultants (members).  As their representative, Groupe Synergos, collects a finders fee from our members for any mandates we obtain on their behalf.

We rely on the feedback of our customers to ensure we represent, and refer only the best members to our clients.  That way we can ensure we consistently exceed our customer expectations.

Groupe Synergos believes in making positive change and social entrepreneurship.   We donate at least 10 percent of pre-tax profits to local charities related to children.   We intend to lead by example in instilling these values in others.

On occasion, we find and review resources that may be of value to our clients.  Here are a few words about our reviews and value scale ratings :

Our main objective is to find the most valuable products to improve your business performance.   To determine this, we only post reviews of products and services that we’ve actually evaluated.  Our reviews are not for marketing purposes.   This way, we remain objective and we could honestly present our findings.   As such, you will likely find both good and not so good reviews.  On the other hand, if we do find products that are of high value, we will most likely make them available to you directly from our performance center (and may earn a referall commission if you purchase through that link).

Our value scale is based on the following 4 dimensions :

  • potential of the product to improve business performance
  • cost vs. return
  • quality (eg. print, materials, language, video, templates, instructions, etc.)
  • risk (eg. free trial period, guarantee, customer support, etc.)

For each of these dimensions, we assign a score on the value scale and then come up with an average which is presented as a summary score like this :


the scale values are defined as follows:

1 = poor 2 = fair 3 = good 4 = very good 5 = excellent

One final word about our advertisers.  This site doesn’t accept paid advertising.  We may accept other forms of compensation such as free or discounted product trials.  Such compensation does not influence the information in this site.

We always give honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences.   Groupe Synergos only affiliates with providers of high quality goods or services.   To avoid the appearance of any conflict of interest and in the spirit of full disclosure, we identify all our affiliate links.

Please do support our advertisers.   We take the time and effort to provide a service of delivering original content, free to our visitors.   Supporting our advertisers is a WIN-WIN-WIN for our visitors, us, and our advertisers.   We thank-you for your encouragement.