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How to Improve Productivity – 3 Key Elements

Icon February 8, 2011 –

In a recent McKinsey Quarterly article about how to improve productivity, 3 key elements were discussed.  They were to Focus, to Filter, and to Forget.  While this article was geared toward corporate executives, there are many takeaways that apply to small and home-based business owners.  We will review some of them from this perspective. The […]


does efficient service mean good customer service?

Icon February 19, 2010 –

this morning i snapped this pic of my local coffee barrista, Karmaker. i have been going to the same coffee shop since they’ve opened about 18 months ago. i keep going back to that same coffee shop because the staff is friendly and extremely efficient. they even recognize their regular clients and validate what is […]

How Small Businesses Gain an Advantage with Lean Six Sigma

Icon December 9, 2009 –

“Lean six sigma is an excellent way to improve the bottom line of any business“.  As a continuous improvement practitioner, I may be perceived as biased when discussing the merits of lean and six sigma so I am always on the lookout for other sources (and data) to support what I know is true from […]

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