does efficient service mean good customer service?
this is my site written on February 19, 2010 –

this morning i snapped this pic of my local coffee barrista, Karmaker.

i have been going to the same coffee shop since they’ve opened about 18 months ago. i keep going back to that same coffee shop because the staff is friendly and extremely efficient. they even recognize their regular clients and validate what is being ordered before the customer orders it. that is a personal touch you don’t find in many places and it really makes you happy to be giving them your business.

okay, you say, but what does that have to do with efficiency? well, i pretty much always order the same thing and they know it, because they know me. when they see me in line (before i get to the counter to order), they have already taken my order and pretty much have it ready when it comes my turn. i basically don’t have to wait at all for my order other than the time i wait for my turn to pay Karmaker. now that is efficient! and that is why i keep going back…curiously, i don’t think i’m the only one that equates efficiency with good customer service as we certainly can attest that there is no shortage of coffee shops but some are much busier than others. so the next time you order a coffee from your favourite establishment, ask yourself if their service is efficient. my guess is that you will probably see that it is.