Seen by Everyone but Reaching Nobody – the Internet Dilemma for Business
this is my site written on October 10, 2012 –

The connected world is a much smaller place.

Anyone can literally reach millions of people all over the planet with a simple mouse click.

But being in a position to be seen by millions does not necessarily mean you will connect with them.

The message must be relevant and appealing to the audience or they will simply ignore it.

This is why businesses must truly understand the specifics of who their target market really is.  That way, they can tailor their marketing message directly to that audience, and even subsets of it!

It is no longer effective to take a shotgun, one message suits all, type of approach.  The modern consumer, although much more present online, wants to feel that they are being spoken to as individuals and not just another visitor to a generic website.  But how can this be done?

In the past, this may have been a very expensive approach.  Just imagine the cost of doing different TV commercials or radio spots. But now, with the digital world, and the power of social media, business owners can opt for several very targeted campaigns on the front end – each one very relevant and appealing to a specific audience.  Then on the back end, provide the more generic information about their products or services that can be the same.

We call this a marketing web.

Here is an example of one such marketing web we built for a personal trainer client.

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