Learning Time Management Skills
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Learning Time Management SkillsIt has become ever more apparent to me how time, or rather, a lack thereof is a pre-occupation for so many people, and this is why we have developed a training series dedicated to learning time management skills.

This time management course is not like anything currently available because it addresses particular needs that have been ignored until now.

What makes

“Practical Learning Time Management Skills” Different?

You see, we have come to the realization that although there is an obvious need to educate people on matters related to managing time, solution providers are missing the boat on 2 key realities, and these are :

  1. if someone is searching for solutions for learning time management skills, they are probably already pressed for time in the first place and so will likely not be able to set aside large chunks of their most precious commodity to go through long lectures or read copious amounts of material before actually putting the time management course content into practice. It seems kind of like a catch-22 doesn’t it? Well, not really because we have found the winning formula.
  2. not everyone is the same.  People have different personality types and different challenges when it comes to self-management. They learn differently and are motivated by different sources.  While some tools will work for some, they may not work for others.  A cookie-cutter, one size fits all, approach to learning time management skills is not a realistic solution. Learning time management skills has to take individual uniqueness into consideration for it to be a sustainable life change.

Groupe Synergos provides a course that can be consumed in much smaller segments and at the students own pace. Each segment covers specific topics related to learning time management skills and at the end of each, there are practical exercises to put to use immediately.   In addition, we have developed our tools and segments to “speak” to the challenges and needs of very specific personality profiles. This unique approach to learning time management skills and then applying them helps our students to benefit much more rapidly by seeing immediate and progressive results of the incremental changes they make and also improve their long term retention and sustainability because of the “see it – do it” training cycle. Our Practical Learning Time Management Skills e-course is a $497 value and will be offered at an introductory price of $297 for a select group of students in exchange for an after-course review and follow-up interview a few months later to validate the effectiveness of the time management course material and approach. If you are interested in being considered for this inaugural class of the Practical Learning Time Management Skills e-course, simply complete the form below.

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