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here is a list of available elearning courses and programs offered by Breakthrough Management Group University that we recommend for SMEs.  one of the benefits of BMGU is that they also offer courses in a modular format to allow students to pick and choose the subjects they need rather than being tied down to a full blown program (and a large price tag).

BMG University offers over 80 unique eCourses in performance excellence topics such as Lean, Six Sigma, Change Management and Innovation and prices range from $39 for a single topic course to $800 for a full program. browse the pre-packaged programs or shop by interest area to see all the available courses.   courses will be made available within one business day of payment.

Innovation & Design
Introduction to Innovation Tools Package
Inside the Innovation Elite
Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)

Lean/Lean Six Sigma eLearning Programs
Executive Overview of Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma for Team Members
Understanding Lean Six Sigma
The Fundamentals of Lean
Lean Concepts & Tools
Lean Six Sigma eYellow Belt
Performance Excellence for Leaders
Lean Six Sigma eChampion
Lean Six Sigma eGreen Belt
Lean Six Sigma eBlack Belt
Understanding Lean

Six Sigma eLearning Programs
Performance Excellence for Leaders
Six Sigma eGreen Belt
Six Sigma eBlack Belt
Six Sigma eChampion
Understanding Six Sigma

Executive Overview of Six Sigma
Six Sigma for Team Members

Six Sigma Project Definition Series
DOE Fundamentals

Change Leadership
Change Management Series

Individual Courses
Introduction to Lean
Five Principles of Lean
Current State Value Stream Maps
Future State Value Stream Maps
Spaghetti Diagrams
Standard Work
Eight Types of Waste
Reducing Setup Time
Mistake Proofing
Preventing Human Error
Visual Management

Analytical Tools & Skills
Kano Analysis
Introduction to Minitab
Creating Pareto Charts
Introduction to Statistics – Level 2
High-Level Process Maps
Mid-Level Process Maps
Understanding What to Measure
Data Collection
Attribute Measurement Systems – Level 2
Basic Attribute Measurement Systems – Level 1
Variable Measurement Systems – Level 1
Variable Measurement Systems – Level 2
Basic Capability Analysis – Level 1
Capability Analysis – Level 2

Fishbone Diagrams
Building a Cause & Effect Matrix
Process Analysis Tools
Understanding Graphs – Level 1
Understanding Graphs – Level 2
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Testing
Basic Tests of Hypotheses
Building an FMEA
Chi Square Test
Simple Linear Regression and Correlation
ANOVA – Analysis of Variance
Generating Solution Ideas
Introduction to DOE (Design of Experiments)
Basic Factorial Experiments

Introduction to Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Control Methods

Building a Control Plan
Mistake Proofing
Creating a Pilot Plan
Constructing Control Charts

Evaluating Solution Ideas

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